All mp3s can be listened to online and they can also be downloaded and burnt onto a CD. Please view the Scripts page if you would like to read the scripts that accompany these audio tracks.

Radio Plays about Forced Marriage

  • Forced Marriage Radio Play 1 
    A woman who has left a forced marriage speaks to her counselor about her experience and how she was able to find help.
  •  Forced Marriage Radio Play 2
    A young woman speaks to her mother about a marriage that is being planned for her. The young woman does not want to get married. In Australia, a parent or guardian cannot force their child to marry.

English: Play 1 / Play 2
Arabic: Play 1 / Play 2
Bengali: Play 1 / Play 2
Dari: Play 1 / Play 2
Hindi: Play 1 / Play 2
Persian: Play 1 / Play 2
Punjabi: Play 1 / Play 2
Pushto: Play 1 / Play 2
Urdu: Play 1 / Play 2

Radio Plays about Domestic Violence

There are 3 plays for each language:

  • “Domestic Violence – What You Can Do About It” (DV & AVO)
  • “What is the Staying Home Leaving Violence program?” (SHLV)

Arabic: DV & AVO SHLV

Dari: DV & AVO / SHLV

Dinka: DV & AVO / SHLV

Khmer: DV & AVO / SHLV

Krio: DV & AVO / SHLV

Mandarin: DV & AVO / SHLV

Somali: DV & AVO / SHLV

Sudanese Arabic: DV & AVO / SHLV

Vietnamese: DV & AVO SHLV


3 Responses to mp3s

  1. Amber says:

    I’ m doing diploma of community welfare services work. I was gonna ask whether any chance to get copy 3 plays in Sudanese Arabic language or where I get get.



  2. michaelbrull says:

    Dear IWSA. I enjoyed listening to your talented and articulate spokesperson Stephanie Phan on the radio program at
    Best wishes,

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